Mega Update Part 1 of 3: Regular Season Week 11 - Name that Wolf
Down The Stretch
SDFHL quiz: Do you recognize this SDFHL player who caught the eye of the Channel 4SD commentators behind the plate at a recent Padre game pitched by Randy Wolf? Read through this Mega Update and find out their identity at the bottom...or just scroll down.

In a nail-biting finish to an exciting regular season, none of the 11 teams had been mathematically eliminated. The teams that had already clinched playoff spots after Week 10, (Khaki, Black, Red, Ash, and Chocolate) retained their respective 1 through 5 seeds after the Week 11 games. The last 3 playoff seeds, though, were up for grabs.

Game 1: Blue 4, Jade 1 -
Three words describe this game: Patel, Tosczak, and interference. Raj Patel and Kris Tosczak both scored a pair of goals for the Corn-dogs. Tosczak had one power-play and one short-handed goal, and he added an assist on one of Patel's goals. Bob Madden scored a
Jädermeister power-play goal on Blue's substitute goalie Kurt Rifbjerg late in the third, but despite outshooting Blue 15-11, Jade came up short, and Blue clinched a playoff spot. There were an unprecedented six interference penalties during the game that impacted several of the goals. Jade also lost their top scorer, Dale Stuzka, to a knee injury and had to wait for the results of the later games to decide their fate.

Game 2: Pink 4, Banana 1 - Both teams were desperate for a win and some help to make the playoffs. Brian Chapados started the scoring for Stephto-Bismol
midway through the first period. However, Gary Peters evened things up for Bernd-nana Split midway through the second. Neither team could really settle for a tie, though, to have any hope of making the playoffs. Would one or both teams have to pull their goalie to try to break the deadlock? No. Pink took charge in the third period. Chuck Bender, who had been moved from defense to offense for the game, scored a dramatic game-winning breakaway goal. A few minutes later, Jean Soltmann buried a rebound for two more points, sealing Banana's fate. In spite of their win, though, Pink's future (as well as Jade's) was dependent on the results of the last game of the day.

Game 3: Green 8, Ash 6 - Although the results of the first two games eliminated Money Shot from playoff contention, they battled hard in this unusual score-fest. Ashassins was a bit short-handed given the increasingly habitual absences of James Horna and Jason Galetti, and the startling revelation that Karen "Honest As The Day Is Long" Linke had been lying about being injured for the last several weeks, and was actually in her first trimester of baby-making. Captain Walter Solomon and teammates Bryan Fibel and Linda Theriault each lit the lamp twice for Green, and Solomon added an assist on the final, game-winning goal by Theriault with under four minutes remaining. Chad Byrne had a 1 and 2 game
for Ash, as well, in this scoring roller coaster. Will Ash's defense be ready for prime time come playoffs?

Game 4: Black 7, Chocolate 3 - The only meaning for this game was the potential for Skor to take the #4 seed from Ashassins and gain the home advantage against them in their first playoff game. This one turned out to be another wild one with a combined 53 shots on goal and 10 goals. And, it turned out that there was something else at stake--scoring titles. Pantero de Sexo's Jon Berglin scored 5 points (1G, 4A) and Tim Helmbrecht scored 4 points (3G, 1A), launching them into the second and third place league scorer positions, respectively. Berglin ended up just one point shy of perennial league scoring champ Bob Delaney, whose Red team had a bye in this final week. Andy Strathman scored all three of Chocolate's goals, adding another hat-trick to his career stats, as well.
Game 5: Khaki 4, Burgundy 2 - This final game of the regular season determined the final two playoff seeds. In an odd twist of tie-breaking rules, Pink needed Burgundy to either win or lose, but not tie, in order to clinch a playoff spot. Jade needed Burgundy to either lose or tie, and Burgundy needed either a win or tie. Khaki was playing for the pride of first seed over Black. Oh, and there was the Anthony "What would Gary Roberts do?" Segreti rivalry with Bryan "What would Anthony Segreti do?...Take a penalty" Szeliga. Mark Meadows scored for Burgundy just minutes into the game (Burgundy and Pink happy, Jade unhappy). Greg Mallinger scored for Khaki late in the first, tying things up (Jade happy, Burgundy nervous, Pink unhappy). Late in the second, Anthony Segreti scored for Burgundy, putting them back on top (Burgundy and Pink happy again, Jade...not so much). Early in the third Khaki's Mark DeGraffenreid tied it up again (Burgundy back to nervous, Pink back to unhappy, and Jade happy again). Midway through the third, Mallinger put Khaki in the lead for the first time (Burgundy unhappy, Pink nervous, Jade happy). That would prove to be the game-winner, and Mallinger would add an empty-netter to clinch 1st place for Khaki, 7th place for Pink, and 8th place for Jade.

Bye: Red

Mega Update Part 2 of 3: Memorial Day Weekend Activities - Madden's Stride
Down The Stretch

Great fun was had by all on our week off for Memorial Day weekend. Click on the links below to access results, pictures, and video of the festivities (skills competitions and a mini-tournament).

Mega Update Part 3 of 3: Playoff Week 1 - Handlebar Heaven

Down The Stretch

Game 1: Green 1, Burgundy 1 - This was the first game in the round-robin consolation series. This series has affectionately been labeled the "iPuhn Cup" in honor of two veteran SDFHL players--"I"saac Kim and Geoff Ap"puhn". They have both played since the beginning of the league's formation but have not yet played on a championship team, because they are chronically cursed by under-performing teammates. In any event, Money Shot was in the unenviable position of having only four of their floor players in attendance, one of their absences being the aforementioned Mr. Kim, ironically. Despite playing down a player for the entire game, they were able to tie a full (and frustrated) Roon Jeremy.

Game 2: Pink 2, Black 0 -  Pantero de Sexo came roaring into the playoffs as the second seed
. However, they were missing captain Joel Gattey, scoring leader Jon Berglin, and key rookie defenseman Mark Daquipa for this game against Stephto Bismol. Pink was missing one of its top scorers, too, as Ryan Byrne high-tailed it back to Canada for the Summer. The game was a scoreless tie until late in the third. Sean Kelly, sporting a facial hair configuration that clearly attracted the attention of the referees (see highly disturbing artist's conception above), was called for interference. Nearing the end of the power play, and with only 51 seconds left in the game, Pink captain "Stephto" Palomo-Schmidt  banked one high into the goal for a back-breaking two-pointer, forcing Black into the long road of the losers' bracket.

Game 3: Chocolate 3, Ash 2 - This game came down to a last split-second goal, which could not have come any closer to the final horn. Ashassin's Chris Tran started the scoring with a power-play goal in the first. However, Skor's Andy Strathman answered with two consecutive goals, putting his team in a slim lead. As time was starting to run short in the game, Alan Razoky scored on a slapshot off a faceoff to tie the game. As the last few seconds of regulation time were ticking off the clock, a somewhat unlikely hero named Dan Read appeared with the ball near Ash's net. He executed a last second hand-switch and buried the game winner with 0.8 seconds remaining. A thrilled Strathman flew into Read's arms and was carried off the rink, thankful that it was not Read who had flown into his arms.

Game 4: Khaki 4, Jade 0 - Despite their short bench, Jädermeister held Waikiki Khaki to a scoreless tie until part way through the second period, at which point Mike Da "Awesome" Silva started the scoring for Khaki. This was followed with a short-handed goal by Bryan "Silent Z" Szeliga and one by Ryan Birse deemed "sexy" by progressive scorekeeper Chad "Brittle Bone" Byrne. Birse added an "unreal" goal for good measure in the third. By Brittle Bone's calculations, Khaki outshot Jade 22-8. Can this steamroller be stopped?

Game 5: Red 2, Blue 0 - Corn-dogs, also playing with a short bench, outshot There Will Be Blood 27-11. Unfortunately for them, they were facing Nick Adkins in goal. Adkins robbed the game from Blue and notched a playoff shutout. Meanwhile, it was business as usual for Bob Delaney who scored twice for Red, although he was listed as "Bod" by veteran scorekeeper Chad Byrne
sexy and unreal scorekeeper Ryan Birse for his second goal. Hmmmmm?

And now, the answer to tonight's SDFHL quiz...none other than Red's own Gigi Scott:

Gigi "Wolf" Scott

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    Dan Read

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    Spring 2008: Final Regular Season Standings

    Team W-L-T PTS
    Khaki* 8-1-1 17
    Black* 8-2-0 16
    Red* 6-3-1 13
    Chocolate* 4-4-2 10
    Blue* 3-4-3 9
    Burgundy 2-5-3 7
    Banana 2-7-1 5

    * clinched playoff spot