Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your league play "floor hockey"?
A: We play on foot with a standard orange hockey ball and standard ice/roller hockey sized goals on a cement hockey rink that is a bit smaller than NHL regulation size.

Q: How do I join the league?
A: We organize the league by the season, with rosters determined by a draft. Unfortunately, once teams are drafted, newcomers have to wait until the following season to play. If you are interested in joining, email Mark and/or Don

Q: When do you play?
A: Every Sunday (barring holidays and assorted activities), with game times ranging from the early afternoon to early evening.

Q: Where do you play?
A: We play at a rink at the 4S Ranch Sports Park in Rancho Bernando: (Map and Directions).

Q: How long is a season?
A: The regular season is typically between 8 and 10 games (weeks), depending on the number of teams. Playoffs are typically double elmination and usually take about 5 weeks to complete.

Q: Sundays are bad for me, is there anywhere else I can play outside of the league?
A: There are Thursday Night Hockey (ThNH) sessions that runs from 7-10 PM most Thursdays. If you are interested in playing, email Jeremy Copp. Do NOT show up unannounced!

Q: Are there any special rules that I should be aware of?
A: See the Official SDFHL Rule Book for details. Some of the exceptions to "normal" NHL rules include the following:

Q: What type of protective equipment should I bring?
A: Most folks get by with soccer shin guards and hockey gloves. Many wear full (over-the-knee shin pads). Some players play without any protection. While the league is non-contact, incidental bumps and bruises are bound to happen, and the ball will leave bruises on unprotected flesh on hard shots or passes. An athletic cup is also not a bad idea.

Q: Where can I buy equipment locally?
A: Your best bets would be Play It Again Sports (Mira Mesa, Pacific Beach, La Mesa) or Sports Chalet (UTC and Mission Valley malls). The best prices can usually be found online, or just ask Don because he has way too much free time on his hands.

Q: It's Tuesday afternoon, why hasn't the site been updated?
A: I thought I had mono.